IS0GRB VHF WebSDR Receiver

located in Dolianova, 250m above sea-level. South Sardinia island, Italy, JM49OJ
is operated by Roberto IS0GRB, e-mail
It is running on a QuadCore Linux Ubuntu Server x64, 16GB RAM, SSD Disk 500GB
Turnstile Antenna 1/4 spacing + 20dB Preamplif. + 20m Cellflex 1/2'' cable + SDR interface GPSDO     Click here for Mobile version (Android/IOS) Firefox
This WebSDR has been activated on January 3, 2020
This is the IS0GRB VHF WebSDR project diagram
This WebSDR enable you to listen SSB DX, Local FM and Satellite Traffic
If you want to know which Satellites is receiving this WebSDR (JM49OJ):
Click here for the Sat Passes Amateur Satellite Tracking Online by LU7ABF

 See also IS0GRB QO-100 (Es'Hail-2) Geostationary Satellite WebSDR
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 04/01/2020 - Video Filippo IZ5TEP listens to himself via satellite through this WebSDR
 22/01/2020 - Recording on this WebSDR of the Sked by Luca Parmitano from ISS with the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Canada.
Sat Passes Amateur Satellite Tracking Online by LU7ABF for Locator JM49OJ

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